Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures: Wedding Embroidered Pillowcases

I was rummaging through a box full of things from our wedding this weekend. The box is full of the old centerpieces, leftover napkins, my BIG three ring binder where I kept all the vendor information for our wedding, and other odds and ends. That stuff that I can't seem to quite let go of because it's from such a special day in my life. I was searching for a voice recorder that Patrick and given me I didn't find it in there but I did come across these beautiful embroidered pillowcases. They were a wedding gift from Beverly, a close friend of my extended family. 
The joke with Beverly is that she was considered the forgotten sister/daughter that lived under the stairs at my grandma's house.  She would always pop in for family gatherings and liven up the party!  I have to admit when I received these I thought they were pretty but selfishly thought they didn't go with any of my bedroom linens.  So I stuffed them back in the gift bag and into the wedding box and forgot about them.  I did not appreciate the amount of love and attention that must have gone into these lovely pillowcases.  Now that I've taken my own hand to making some embroidered pieces I realize the effort these must have taken.  Thank you Beverly!  They've been put on my bedroom pillows and you know what they look splendid!    

Not only did she embroider the pillowcases but the wedding card as well!  Isn't it one of the most beautiful wedding cards you've ever seen?

Feel free to pop in and add you link to your treasure!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a sweetheart filled Valentines!


  1. Wow, they do look like a lot of work! Maybe you can get/make a set of sheets that would make them one day. Would be cool :-)

  2. Oh they are beautiful! I have always wanted to try to embroider a card.


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