Friday, May 29, 2015



There is virtue intertwined
in the lasting beauty
of knowing that 'I am worthy of you.'
Mint = virtue
Stock = lasting beauty
White roses = 'I am worthy of you'

So often I forget the beauty that lies within me.  I negate my worth and deny my heart it's song.  The gratitude is more deeply felt when I remember.  This walk is not done alone for certain.  Even though it can feel so lonely and isolating.  I am thankful to the flowers that help me to remember.  Those beautiful flowers that infuse me with their delicious scent and quietly whisper... 'You are worthy of you.'


  1. I too am thankful not to be walking alone. Thank you for sharing your flowers and that beauty with me dear friend. You ARE worthy.


Your words touch my heart. Tread softly.