Monday, October 5, 2009

A Solitary Weekend

Friends filled the empty spaces you left behind.
Friday was giggling girl talk.
Saturday held healing dances,
and good dining conversation.
Sunday transpired with sewing lessons and
a walk in the beauty of an autumn evening.
Friends filled some of the empty spaces you left behind,
but not all.
Empty were the moments looking into your blue, grey eyes
as I shared stories of my day.
And the nights,
oh the nights.
I dreaded crawling into that empty bed
knowing that it would hold one tonight instead of two.
Absent was the touch of your hand brushing my face as I fell asleep.
Missed were those middle of the night cuddles.
This weekend made me all the more grateful
for the gift of your love.
How blessed I am to have you as my companion through life!

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