Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Delicate Lace

0604DelicateLaceonLinen 0604DelicateLace
"Delicate Lace"
You spoke to me of simplicity
and urged me to find virtue
amongst the delicate pleasures
of life that a secret love
may grow within and enlace
me in the arms of peace.

Off I went searching for this peace
of which you spoke. Simple
the quest seemed.  Only to lace
myself in the domestic virtues
of home and ponder love
until my heart was pleased.

But I forgot that these pleasures
are delicate indeed.  Peaceful
hands must render love
tenderly, gently, simply
or lost will be the virtue
and torn will be the lace.
Single Rose: simplicity
Sage: domestic virtues
Sweet Peas: delicate pleasures
Pink Rose: secret love
Orlaya: white lace flower
Olive: peace