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Tea at The Buckle Yeat

Hello!  Come have a cup of tea with me and we will chat about things that bring us joy.  My name is Annette.  I live with my dear husband, Patrick, and our sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Miss Daisy Mae.  We call home a little, blue house on a quiet suburban street with a park like backyard and grand dreams for an English cottage garden with a space for cut flowers.  A Simple Breath started in June 2009.  It hopes to serve as love letters to myself, correspondence between friends.

Things that bring a smile to my face are those blue eyes belonging to my husband, tea parties, walks on neighborhood trails, watching British period dramas, cuddling under blankets, embroidering flowers and tiny x's. Garden readings, sitting at my Bernina, nibbling on dark chocolate, feeling yarn run through my fingers, and arranging garden flowers brings joy into my soul.

My heart sings when I bake cakes and breads, make music on my antique W.M.S. Haynes flute, or smear scones in Devonshire cream.  I giggle aloud whenever I share silly stories with my husband and Lady Daisy, talk about the Duchess of Cambridge, my fascination with the English country life, or share in a game night or a book study with dear friends.

Staring at a mountain landscape or strolling along a river bank, listening to my husband play his piano music, smelling lilacs, or stretching into a yoga pose brings me to my true home again.  And life just wouldn't be as sweet without a loving husband cuddling me or Daisy on my lap or at our feet.  I am beginning to realize just how much I rely not only on him and her but also on all the flowers that cross my path and make their way into the home I share with them.

Thank you for visiting A Simple Breath!

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(The photograph above was taken by Patrick after a dear one at the Buckle Yeat served us tea to welcome us to the B&B. I wish I could have been able to photograph it myself.  But Patrick has a wonderful eye for the things I love.)

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