Monday, December 14, 2009


Apologies go out to those few of you who actually follow my little blog but mostly apologies go out to myself for neglecting this space for so long. I am still trying to understand what this space is and what pieces of myself I really want to share here. Part of me wants to keep this space light and joyful, focusing on the silly moments of my life whether I'm learning to sew or sharing little home keeping tips and ideas or anything silly that strikes my fancy. Another part of me desires this space to be introspective, philosophical, and for deep reflective writing. True it could potentially be both and I suppose it has been to some extent. Mostly I want to be committed to this space, to writing. It seems, however, that wanting and doing are two very different things that can be difficult to harmonize at times. I will be going back to Colorado for a couple weeks. Upon my return it is my sincere hope that I may become more serious about writing. Exploring what it is I have to say and finding my voice.