Friday, May 18, 2012


Lilac 1

Lilac 2

Lilacs are in bloom!!!  I'm taking every chance I get to inhale the beautiful scent of these lovely flowers.  Every year the lilacs have a way of surprising me.  Other flowers I can usually tell they are coming, opening starting to bloom.  But not so with lilacs.  I find I often yearn for them to linger longer than they do. 

The first lilac I feel in love with was one lilac bush that lived in front of my childhood home.  It started out small and innocent like the one immediately above but it grew into a behemoth of a bush.  My parents wanted many times to take that bush out and I would plead with them to leave it.  My dad would then snip back what branches he could and try to control its size.  It seemed like a losing battle really.  My mom would say that for such a big bush it had the tinyist flowers.  And it did but that didn't matter to me, it was the smell.  So maybe that's what I love most about lilacs, the smell like home. 

Daisy as Lilac

Daisy as Lilac

Daisy went for a grooming today.  I love how they always put flowers in her hair.  They seem to coordinate them with the season.  At Christmas it was a big red poinsettia.  In early April is was a yellow flower much like the daffodils that were in bloom.  Today it was a lilac colored flower.  The moment I saw her at the groomers I shouted, "Oh Daisy, you're a lilac!"

On an editor's note:  I am hoping to revamp this blog a bit.  It needs freshening to me as I haven't felt home in this space recently, (obvious I'm sure by my absence.)  It will take some time and thought on how I want it to look.  I appreciate you still being here and reading.  Your presence is a present.  Drop me a note of hello if you will.  I'd love to catch up!

Update:  My dad informed me the lilac bush at my childhood home was called a Korean Dwarf Lilac.