Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Learning how to breathe

Bedside Pansies = thinking of you

A simple breath isn't as easy as it may seem sometimes.
A deep cleansing breath is composed of three parts.
The first step is to inhale, smelling the air,
filling up the diaphragm and allowing the air to travel up
to the base of the lungs, expanding the rib cage until
the clean air reaches the uppermost regions of the lungs.

At this point some may hold their breath, especially if afraid.
The cleansing has been trapped, on hold, paused.
If held for too long one collapses to the floor -
passes out...
or worse.

The natural next step in a cleansing breath is to exhale.
This is done to allow the now old, stale air
to exit either through the nostrils or through the mouth.
Both have there uses depending on the individual's needs.
If in severe pain or under duress might I suggest
the best course of action is to exhale through the mouth -
Forcefully if necessary.

The final part of the breath is subtle.
It is a small, quiet pause,
the space between.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh dear thistle...

Globe Thistle


Oh dear thistle, how you do bristle,
unadorned and so forlorn. 
The austerity highlighted in
    your severity.
Being so ascetic --
    it's pathetic.


Globe thistle = austerity