Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Glitter in the Air

I did not watch the Grammy's on Sunday but came across this on Monday and was blown away. It is a simply breathtaking song, open, honest, and beautifully performed.

Note: I guess YouTube had to take the video down due to copyrights.  Check it out here instead.

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  1. That is my hands-down-favorite song of hers...closely followed by "Crystal Ball" (from the same album.) I'm kicking myself for missing the actual performance (although we did manage to catch such stunners as "Pretty Wings" (gag), something involving Jamie Foxx (boring) and Bon Jovi (which might have been ok except for the spastic dancing of the woman from Sugarland...)) Anyway, what a coincidence as I just watched Pink this morning on YouTube and was thinking the same thing. She just looked so serene!


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