Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trial Fabrics

My sister suggested finding a fabric with a bird print for the borders of my quilt.  I've been on the hunt every since, scanning through bolt after bolt of fabric in several different quilt shops.  Below are a few prints I found on online shops.  What do you think?  The last one is my favorite.  Have any of you ever bought fabric online?

Update:  I decided to go with the Aviary Toile in Blue which I purchased online from Alewives Fabrics.  They shipped the fabric quickly and it was wrapped in beautiful paper.  Such nice, sweet touches make for a happy customer!


  1. My personal favorite is the "Bird Swing in Black", but I think I like the last one for you.

  2. I'm in to spring colors since it's spring, I like the first one! But all of them are beautiful! They all seem to go together, could you do an assortment on one quilt? Just an idea. The quilts I've seen have done that before. Love you, Diedre

  3. Tabitha- I did end up getting the last one! You know my tastes well.

    Diedre- I never even thought to put them together!

    Deepali- Thanks. Checked out your website, looks like you really know your fabric!!! I'm still in the learning stages.


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