Saturday, November 20, 2010

List Twenty: Christmas Cookies to make

(Insert photograph of  a beautiful stack of your favorite holiday cookies here!)

With one radio station playing constant Christmas music, an invitation to a Holiday Cookie Swap party, and after reading this post I thought a list of Christmas cookies was just the thing for this week's list. 

Short story first!  For my speech class a few years back I did a group persuasive speech on the BEST holiday cookie.  Each member in the group brought their star cookie in to share with the class and then gave a brief speech on why their cookie was the best.  In my humble opinion my cookie and speech was the best of the group however members of the class felt the Chocolate Pixie wasn't as good as someone's Chocolate Chip (which really wasn't all that great.) Whatever, they obviously wouldn't know a good cookie when they ate one!

1.  Chocolate Pixies

2.  Ginger Cookies

3.  Peanut Butter Cookies

4. Caramels (ok it's not a cookie but you have to make caramels at Christmas time)

5. Fudge (ok not a cookie either but...)

6. No-bake cookies

7.  Christmas Wreaths (made from corn flakes and technically not a cookie either probably... umm.. perhaps I should have named this list Christmas "treats" to make instead!)

8. Gingerbread Men decorated up with red dots, icing, and lots of sprinkles of course!

9.  Any of the special Christmas cookies in this book!

What fun Christmas cookies or "treats" do you plan to make? 

Have a happy weekend!

(And no I haven't forgotten the Getting Lost in Seattle series, it's just that my internet connection is pretty intermittent and hopefully will be fixed soon.)


  1. Loved this post. I am in the process of deciding which Christmas cookies I want to make this year. There are certain ones that I make every year without fail, but other ones, I rotate. Baking begins next weekend for me, so I'd better get to it. Thank you for the reminder, and have a great day!


  2. These sound absolutely marvelous! Not sure what it is about the holidays, but it does make me crave cookies more than ever - I'm sure if I'd been there, I'd have wolfed yours down in a sec :)


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