Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Challenge: day five

The Thanksgiving Challenge: to write, photograph, or otherwise document one thing that you are grateful for each day until Thanksgiving. Feel free to join in by linking your Thanksgiving gratitude in the comments below.

Today I am thankful for this lovely woman, my grandmama, Margery.  Today is her birthday and it was a joy to call her and sing to her all five verses of the Happy Birthday song listening to her giggling on the other end of the line.  How I wish I could be there to celebrate her day in person.

In case you wanted to know here are my family's five verses to the Happy Birthday song:

1.  Happy Birthday to you,
     happy birthday to you,
     happy birthday dear Grandma
     happy birthday to you!

2.  God bless you today
     God bless you always
     God bless you and keep you
     God bless you always

3.  For she's a jolly good fellow
     for she's a jolly good fellow
     for she's a jolly good fellow
     which nobody can deny!

4.  Three cheers for grandma
      Hip Hip Hooray!
      Hip Hip Hooray!
      Hip Hip Hooray!
      Grandma, Grandma, Grandma ... Yea!

5.  Three cheers for the red, white, and blue,
     grandma to she's the finest of all girls alive.
     She's not handsome it's true but when she looks at you...
     da da da dah da da da dah

The song ends with a Grandma locomotive... (spelling out the person's name faster and faster until all you can do is whistle and cheer!)

G -- R -- A -- N -- D -- M -- A
G - R  - A - N - D - M - A


  1. Happy Birthday to your Grandma! So so sweet, I loved that you could sing her a very personal, family birthday song :)

  2. What a wonderful post!!


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