Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures: Cinnamon Toast

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Growing up whenever I was sick or wasn't able to sleep at night my mom made me cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.  Since I've been feeling under the weather my husband was kind enough to pick up some bread for me at the store so I could have cinnamon toast.  Amazing how a little thing can make a person somehow feel so much better!

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  1. When I got a toaster oven, cinnamon toast was the first thing I made. I love it when it starts bubbling and gets that crisp layer of sweetness. It's unbeatable.

  2. Love cinnamon toast, and what a sweetheart your husband is for making it for you!
    I sure hope you are feeling better soon Annette!


  3. How very sweet! When we were little my mom always made rice cereal. Cooked rice with lots of butter and sugar. It's still what I want when I feel under the weather. Pamela


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