Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Embroidery Companion Sew Along: Gingham

Gingham, don't you just love it?  It's classic, homely, and easy on the pocketbook.  As I was skimming through Embroidery Companion I noticed how many projects use this wonderful fabric.  From the beginning I knew I wanted to make the "Harvest Apron" for September.  But if that's not your cup of tea maybe one of the other gingham projects will be. 

The "Chicken Scratch Shelf Edging" would be a great way to brighten up a shelf in the kitchen or perhaps the fireplace mantle which is where I hope to put one.  Or you could adapt it to use on an apron.  If you're still trying to hold on to summer the "Farmstand Baby Bibs" would be a fun choice.  No babies around?  The pattern could easily become framed wall art for the kitchen or fun dish towels.  The "Plum Tree Tablecloth" is another gingham project in the book that could be quick way to freshen up the dining room for fall.  

Which ever gingham project you choose just be sure to have fun with it!

Here are a couple links to get you excited about gingham:
Here's to happy September stitches!

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