Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter can be Crewel

Hello fellow Embroidery Companion embroiderers! 

Here is the November's project, "Snowflake and Pine Tree Hot Water Bottle Covers".  A bit late due to some self inflicted power outages while my husband worked these past few day to replace our main service panel to the house. 

These lovely water bottle covers seem so cozy, yet decadent to curl up with on the cold winter nights. Working with the crewel wool yarn also seems perfect to be stitching in winter.  I love this photo below of little Clover curled up and peeking around.  Daisy's the same way but cuter in my opinion, no offence to Clover or anything!

If hot water bottles aren't your thing you might stitch up one of the motifs to make an ornament for the Christmas tree.

A sneak peak to December... the Gingerbread Heart Mobile.  Those who post new photos into the flickr group between now and November 15th will be entered to win materials to work up this cute holiday decoration.  The photographs can be any one of the many embroidery projects we've done over the course of the year, complete projects or incomplete, it doesn't matter. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. How how fun! I wish I had time. If anything, I should probably work up the Christmas tree ornaments I bought as a kit from Alicia's web site last year.

    I'll see if I have any more photos to share, but I think I've already posted everything I've got. (darn it!)

  2. I want one! I finally just got a new water bottle on Friday after the other one went mia, I love those things! Hmm...I also might have a knitting request.... :) When are you guys coming down? Should we send gifts out or do you want them when you get here?

  3. Great projects! I wish I had the time to stitch on them all day. I did just finish the Daisychain ABC sampler last night so I'll try to upload a picture soon.


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