Monday, August 31, 2009


I meant to post this last week but in organizing for a weekend yard sale it sort of fell by the wayside. Never the less here goes five things to be grateful for from last week:

1. A long phone call with my brother Charlie. He makes me giggle and scratch my head a lot, both of which are good!

2. Giant Zucchini. My cousin Julia grew this giant zucchini in her garden and I was able to turn it into what would have been delicious zucchini bread but I under cooked it a little. Note to self invest in some toothpicks!

3. Aunt Ruth's mini-sewing class. My Aunt Ruth was gracious enough to come over last week and help me understand my sewing machine. She also gave great tips on tools of the trade that I needed in my sewing box (that being one of them, invest in a good sewing box!)

4. Organette posted quote from Goethe: "Do not hurry. Do not rest." Recited this in my head whenever I felt rushed seemed to help me slow down a bit. Although I might revise Goethe if I may be so bold and say one does need a little rest from time to time.

5. Our beautiful backyard and freshly painted and refurbished deck. (I promise to post a better picture of our deck soon.) Sitting out in my blue chair on the deck in the mornings is a very relaxing way to start the mornings. Laying out on the blanket in the yard with a few books. Life is good!

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