Friday, October 23, 2009

Rotary Phones

Do you remember those fabulous old rotary phones? I wish I could go back to the time when you could put your finger in a circle number slot and turn the dial around, listening to the click, click, click as it spun back. For the longest time my grandparents held onto their rotary wall phone. I loved making calls on that phone. Occasionally I would dial any old random set of numbers, making sure to hang up before I actually made a phone call, just to listen to the sound it made.

Sometimes I wonder why we're in such a hurry to find the next bigger and better technology. Especially when the older ones were built better, lasted longer, looked and sounded beautiful. Maybe that’s why I married my husband. He appreciates the old technology. Collecting old radios and now a 1950's Seeburg jukebox.

Things during my grandparents’ days seem to be so much simpler. I am sure they weren't with the Great Depression, World Wars, and other hardships. Yet still somehow I romanticize it and long to return to those less technological, more sociable times.

Because really technology has pulled us apart I think. Yes, now we can communicate instantaneously by email, blog, facebook, twitter. But we never see a person facial expressions change, or the hear the tone of their voice, or even see their handwriting scrawled across the page knowing that their hands touched this same paper.
(Image via Science Kitty)

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