Friday, October 30, 2009

Ummm... maybe not.

Yes, my husband is very good at all sorts of things mechanical and electrical. Heck he was able to restore a 1953 Seeburg jukebox that was not even able to take a coin to make it able to play our 45 record collection fabulously. So when he offered to try and work on my sewing machine I thought why not? There were a few terrifying hours as he figured out how to take it all apart and started trying to clean it up. Fortunately my husband is also able to admit when he's in over his head. And he was! Which is why I am excited to be finally picking up my machine today after a week in the shop. Now I can get back to being a busy elf!

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  1. So... I can't send BOTH my broken sewing machines up north to you guys? Son of a-! I've still got the crummy one I had in college and a great vintage machine from Ryan's Grandmother, and they're both stone dead. Makes me sad. And means my house is still window-coveringless.


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