Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning in the Fall.

I have taken an interest in house cleaning, home keeping, and all sorts of things related to being a homemaker. I am finally embracing my new job title. With any new job there is usually some training provided so I headed to the library for some training manuals! Five or six books made their way into my book bag, all about how to keep a clean, clutter-free home. Yes, I know the basics of operating a vacuum, using a dishwashers, and making the bed. But looking at all these books I realize there are so many more things I could be doing to create a truly clean, comfortable home for my little family of two.

My favorites from the library so far are two by Monica Nassif titled, Spring Cleaning and Laundry. They are both sort easy to read references with beautiful photographs that almost romanticize the idea of cleaning house.

"Remember that spring cleaning is about taking care of yourself, not polishing an unrealistic image to present to others. The notion of home care as self care is the opposite of perfectionism - that tyrannical yardstick that makes you feel as though you can never measure up... Always give yourself permission to be human. And let the little things slide once in awhile."

This is something I am going to try and remind myself when the daily chores are weighing down on me. The next time I brush off the dusting or mopping the kitchen floors because it seems too daunting of a task, I can ask myself, "Annette, are you not worth the effort?"

(Photographs via Walk a mile in my underpants)