Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Special

My husband and I have a little nickname for the times when we are most romantic with each other.  Those days are our "Sunday Special" days.  Yesterday was definitely one of those "Sunday Special" days. 

First, he made me a beautiful breakfast of blueberry-cheese crepes and sausages.  It was heavenly to lie on the couch and listen to him work away in the kitchen.  Smelling the lemons he peeled for the crepe filling.  Listening to the sausages sizzling in the pan.  The meal was delicious.  Honestly, I am constantly spoiled by my husband's cooking. 

Next it was off to see Sex and the City 2 at the theatre.  Getting my husband to go to the movies with me can be a challenge at times but we've always shared a special connection around Sex and the City.  Most people think Sex and the City is all about hanging out with your girlfriends and gabbing about relationships afterward.  When we went to see the first movie together I overheard a group of ladies saying, "Why would you drag your boyfriend with you instead of going with your friends?'  What they failed to understand is it was me and my husband who cuddled up on the couch together to watch each episode, not me and my girlfriends.  Only once did I watch Sex and the City with my girlfriends and honestly it was awful.  They mostly  wanted to chat while the series played in the background.  When Patrick and I watch it we cuddle on the couch together and make silly comments about how crazy Samantha is or how Carrie can sometimes by hypersensitive about Big and how if she only shared her feelings with him maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  Patrick thinks I'm most like Charlotte.  And teases me about it when Charlotte goes and says something unexpected or finds herself in a compromising position!

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Anyways back to the movie...  I had read some bad reviews for it so I was a little skeptical if we would enjoy it or not.  We both LOVED it.  The thing with Sex and the City movies is that you have to watch them like they're just a long two hour episode on a bigger screen rather then an actual movie.  I cried two or three different times throughout and had to cover my eyes a couple times (some of Samantha's sexcapades should never be shown on a big screen - it's just too much!)  I guess I am Charlotte!!! 

After the movie we walked over the Joann Fabrics so I could get some linen and yarn for some crafting projects.  Patrick is always so good to go with me and patient as I look at yet one more craft book.  (I am a craft book addict and no I'm not seeking help for it at present time.)  We then headed over for dinner at an Italian restaurant that unfortunately was overpriced and stuffy but our conversation made up for it!  We talked about the movie, our feeling on having babies, and what I want to do for my upcoming birthday (11 more days until I'm the BIG 3-0!)
Coming home Patrick went down to the basement to tinker with his antique radios, searching for stations. He has a old "boat anchor" radio.  According to my husband, "The Collins designed R-390 and R-390A are considered by many to be the best tube receivers of all time." So he has both of course! 

One of my new favorite sounds is the static that made as he searches the radio frequencies.  One that came in last night was in Japanese, one claimed to be Beijing International and the last he tuned into was playing old radio programs from the 1940's.  I lay upstairs on the couch with the hot pad on my back and crochet in my fingers.  (I've pretty much been decommissioned for the past week due to severe low back pain, but I am feeling MUCH better!)  

We ended the night by watching movies in bed.  First we finished watching Oliver, which we've been watching over the last few nights, I keep falling asleep before we're done!  The an old 1920's nickelodeon called Why Change Your Wife? directed by Cecil B. DeMille which was lovely.  The characters were engaging, the fashion was beautiful, the music was lovely and the storyline perfection!  The message of the movie was a reminder to be "more of a sweetheart then a governess" to my husband. 

And that was what was beautiful about today - we were sweethearts enjoying our "Sunday Special!"

What are your "Sunday Special" days?


  1. We never get to spend Sundays together because Kris works . . . in fact, we don't get a lot of days off together in general. That makes the days we do get so much better. Our favorite thing to do together is go out for sushi and to a movie. Most days, though, we just hang out . . . watch tv, go for a walk, or go to the pet store and visit the puppies and kitties.

  2. What a wonderful day. It just makes me so happy to hear about sweet moments between people. And please don't get help for your craft addiction! I totally understand! Although I probably do need help learning how to not spend so much money on them, goodness gracious!


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