Wednesday, September 22, 2010

List Thirteen: Lastest blog finds

Thank you for all your kind comments on my little, slightly wonky baby booties.  I'll post the new pair later in the week as they are still in need of some buttons!

Along the Cliff Walk last year in Newport, RI

On to this week's list...  I've been hunting around the blog world lately and have happened upon some wonderful blogs.

1. Flight of the Pook (Cassandra sews up the cutest little creatures.)

2. One Flew Over (A contributor to Fat Quarterly.)

3. thornberry  (Lovely crochet work.)

4.  1/4 of an inch (quilt, crochet, knit and sew)

5. food and life (Jude blends photography, cooking, and travel... it's just good eye candy!)

6.  Karuski (Minna is one creative gal.  I love her little teacup pincushions.)

7.  pigeon pair (sewing, quilting and craft never looked so beautiful.)

8.  Inspired by Charm (if you've ever dreamed of running you're own little B&B or need decor inspiration Michael's got you covered.)

9.  Enthralled by Beauty (Found Chrissy through August Break and have enjoyed seeing her world through the camera lens.)

10. White Cotton Tee (Lisa another fellow August Breaker shares photographs and lovely stories)

11.  flowing moments - photography (breath taking photos paired with words of inspiration)

12.  Blaze Bratcher (fun illustrations, life snapshots and she's from Colorado my home state. Her post on the sock monkeys is too cute.)

13. Green Rabbit Design (crochet and flowers in bounty)

What are some of your latest blog finds?


  1. Ooh, what a fun list - thanks so much for sharing! (And thank you for putting my little blog there, that's so sweet of you!) I've actually been getting into photography blogs more than I expected - they're just so beautiful to see - and a wonderful thing from August Break was finding ABreakers' blogs - like yours! And some of the lovely ones you list...

  2. Annette, I love that picture of my dad!!! Thank you SO much for posting it!

  3. How lovely you liked my blog, thanks so much for adding it to your list. I need to check others out right now:)

    Here's one blog I frequently read it is such a calm place with inspiring links.


  4. thank you very much for featuring my blog, i am very happy you like it :)


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