Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Creative Space...

is a bit wonky.

These booties Alicia made for a friend were too cute and I thought they would be a perfect gift for my friend as well until I can complete the quilt.  Some where along the way I must have miss counted stitches or something because the strap section is completely lop sided.  Perhaps I can simply take this section out and recenter it somehow.  You think?  Until then I soldier on with the next bootie and see if it comes together any better.  If you'd like to make a pair yourself you can purchase the pattern here.  (It really is a simple, beginner pattern, contrary to what you might see here.)  Hopefully yours won't turn out wonky like mine!

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  1. Wonky yes, but still completely adorable!

  2. Very cute! I'm a crochet novice - so this looks really good from where I am!

    Good luck with the second one.

  3. Most beautiful things are not perfect. They are cute and colors are lovely too:)

  4. I think it is just adorable, and i am sure i could not even get the first stitches done, so you are way ahead of me!!

  5. What a great gift! The little toes that wear them are going to be nice and toasty this fall! :)


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