Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanksgiving Challenge: day twelve

The Thanksgiving Challenge: to write, photograph, or otherwise document one thing that you are grateful for each day until Thanksgiving. Feel free to join in by linking your Thanksgiving gratitude in the comments below.

Today I am thankful for a negative dog allergy test.  I did however find out I'm allergic to juniper.  Who knew?

(I know you're probably thinking "What happened to day ten and eleven?"  Well... I am thankful that I came out of the funk I was in on both those days.)


  1. Juniper? Weird? lol. Did it hurt? Was it fun finding out everything you were allergic to? I'm glad you're out also! I get in lots of funks this time of year. Miss you!

  2. I just had an allergic reaction to a tetanus shot that took me down for 2 days! I feel your pain.

  3. I think it must be the weather, so many people seem to be having stressful, blue days and weeks. So glad you're feeling better! And not being allergic to dogs is definitely thanks-worthy :)

  4. hopefully you're not allergic to that fabulous juniper breeze lotion from bath & body works!

    :) i found your blog through the fabulous jude and am an excited new follower!


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