Thursday, January 14, 2010

Two Thousand and Ten Resolutions, Goals, and Dreams!

This year I am full of New Year's Resolution ideas. The trick will be in accomplishing them all. And not being too hard on myself for not being able to accomplish everything at once.

1. Domesticity! In 2010 I would like to continue and expand my homemaker lifestyle by cooking more, doing some sewing/quilting each, learning crochet, keeping my house clean and tidy.

  • Cooking: By the end of the year I'd like to be cooking five nights a week at home with a good meal planning system. Taking baby steps however and going with 1-2 nights a week to start. Also I'd like bake more bread. I got this great book for Christmas and am anxious to try it out.
  • Sewing/Quilting: I am taking a two quilting classes this quarter and hope to improve on my sewing skills as well. I have so many projects in my head that I'd like to do. Here's a few... make a duvet cover for our bed, a kitchen floor mat, a bath mat, embroider a shower curtain, make a lap quilt, plus many birthday gift ideas I have.
  • Learning Crochet: My mother-in-law and sister-in-law showed me how to crochet over the holidays. I love it. Right now I'm working on remembering all they showed me and searching for a good beginner project. I'm in love with granny squares actually so maybe it will be something utilizing those.
  • Cleaning/Organizing: Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook has become my go-to guide for cleaning house along with The Naturally Clean Home. I'd love to have a ritual cleaning routine established. This year I'd also like to organize all my closets... linen, utility, laundry room cabinets, bedroom closets, and pantry. And finally organize that pesky garage. Here's hoping!
2. Personal Enrichment
  • Visiting local museums: I have lived here in the Seattle area for almost 3 years and have yet to go to the Seattle Art Museum or the Pacific Science Center among others. This needs to be remedied STAT!
  • Playing more board games: We own a ton of board games and hardly ever play them. Tomorrow is board game night with another couple and I'm so excited!
  • Taking more walks: be it in my own neighborhood or along some hiking trial. I love walking, being out listening to nature.
  • Visiting the National Parks: I am enamored with the PBS National Parks series as I've mentioned earlier and I'm excited to visit the National Parks in this area. Besides not visiting the local museums I've yet to go to Mt. Rainer National Park. (Shh.. don't tell anyone.)
  • Reading the Classics: See my previous post on this. And of course I did think of a few others. Thank you for your many suggestions. I might change Jane Austen's Emma to Persuasion after hearing your comments.
  • Flute Lessons: From fifth grade through my senior year in high school I played the flute but haven't played since then. I learned entirely through the public school system never having private lessons. Now every Tuesday afternoon is my lesson. I'm hoping to get a vintage Haynes flute restored that was gifted to my husband and I and be able to play that beautifully!
  • Writing: Be it journaling, blogging, or poetry. But to continue that creative outlet of the written word. It is so powerful.
  • Local theatre/ballet: To support the local arts and artists.
3. Being Respectful! This is probably the MOST important of all the resolutions to me.
  • TO MYSELF! So often I find myself not really doing the things I want to do or accomplishing the goals I set out for myself. Disrespecting my personal needs and desires because... because why? I'm too lazy, depressed, afraid. I hold myself back and watch life pass me by instead of experiencing it. Well this year I am approaching thirty and am beginning to think its time to start finding myself and living life.
  • To my husband: There are times in these first few years of marriage that I'll admit I haven't shown my husband the utmost respect he deserves. I really want to continue to build our relationship, filling it with lots of love, admiration, and RESPECT!
4. Showing Passion!
I'd liked that Tabitha created a little motto for her 2010 Resolutions so here's mine....
In past I have felt there have been times when I've been evading. Evading joy. But I want to turn it around. Stop evading and start engaging!