Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A New Friend

My husband gifted me with a new Bernina 440QE for Valentine's Day!  The machine was actually on a quilting cruise at the time he bought it so I had to wait for awhile.  To let me know what my gift was he wrapped up some new bobbins for the new machine I'd be getting.  When I opened them I thought that he'd tried to buy me a set of bobbins for my current machine at the time, which took plastic bobbins.  My response was, "Wow, thanks but these won't work in my machine."  He then said, "What machine would they work in?"  I immediately started crying and realized he gotten me a new Bernina! 

This picture does not do my new friend justice as it was taken from my husband's phone when it arrived while I was out of town. I've been trying to take a better picture of my Bernina but its home is still on the dining room table and it’s hard to snap a good picture of it there. We're hoping to convert our office into a shared workspace of an office/sewing room.  I'll post pictures once that happens but don't hold your breath it might be awhile! 

I've had a ton of fun sewing with my new friend. My first project was some silly patchwork Easter eggs that I got off the Purl Bee website. Patching up two pairs of jeans for my husband was the least I could do for such an amazing gift.  My latest project was these set of coasters from I Heart Patchwork. It was great to be able to try out the walking foot and do a mini quilting project! At first I wasn't going to make the little coaster holder but I'm so glad I did because as it’s so cute, easy, and practical.

The Bernina 440QE is amazing. My favorite features so far: the foot pedal which accurately sews the speed I want and immediately stops when I want! My old machine was all over the place.  I love how I can press with the heel of my foot and take a half stitch at a time. The needle stop down feature is also great and came in very handy while creating the zigzags on the coasters. I took a class on using the BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) which I'm so excited to try out more free motion quilting using that handy tool!

Yep, I'm pretty blessed to have a man who supports and encourages me in the things I love to do. Thank you, Patrick! I love you! (And not just because you bought me a Bernina but that helped!)