Wednesday, July 21, 2010

List Five: In my suitcase

I am leaving for Colorado for a couple weeks to spend some time with my family.  We are planning on doing a mini National Park tour to Rocky Mountain National Park and Arches National Park and then ending the week in the Glenwood Hot Springs!  (Not to worry, I have a few posts scheduled for while I'm gone.)

1. Crochet granny squares I'm working on to make into a pillow for all the down time travelling.

2.  Books: Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature and The Elegance of the Hedgehog

3.  Victor's Celtic Coffee Dark Guatemalan blend for my mom who loves it!

4. My beautiful vintage Haynes flute (of which I've been meaning to share with you about, hopefully soon).  Admittedly I am a little nervous to carry this onto the plane but I'm too excited to share music with everyone back in Colorado not to bring it!

5. My Zune uploaded with my new favorite CD by Jonsi Go

6. Two new capri pants from Lucy!

7. Fun ribbed tanks from Gap.

8. A swimsuit that I got on my honeymoon almost four years ago. (Yikes, I need a new suit maybe... but really it's only been worn a handful of times since I got it becauseI don't get to the swimming pool much here in the cooler Pacific Northwest.)

9.  Other random bits and jobbles that aren't really worth mentioning!

Happy Summer Travels!