Friday, July 16, 2010

List Four: Things I'm afraid of as an adult

1. Changing lanes on the highway.

2. Worms (although the compost bin is helping me with that.)

3. Having the sheets tucked tightly around my body.  No snug in like a bug in the rug for me, thank you!

4. Throwing up.  I haven't thrown up since I was ten, let's hope that was really the last time.

5. Strange noises in the night.

6.  Loud thumps during the day.  (Birds seem to fly right into our big windows in the living room especially during the summer.)

7. Not being good enough.

8. Touching slimy sea creature at the aquarium... (look at my face, I'm desperately trying to be okay with it.  For some reason the sea cucumbers and sting ray are the worst!)

9. Those moments when I know that I can't hide and am going to have to be truly honest about myself.

10. My dad not seeking medical help for his legs.

11. The mole on the back of the right arm.

12. Being alone on a dark city street at night.

13.  Fear that my experience two years ago will happen again.

It seems fitting to stop with 13 although now that our anniversary is August 13th thirteen doesn't scare me.  What things are you afraid of?