Friday, August 27, 2010

at the fair

Last weekend my good friends Derek and Tatiana took me to the Island County Fair

It was perfect weather, not to hot, not to cold and beautiful sunshine all around. 

Each building on the grounds was filled with loving projects, animals, and unique displays ranging from food preservation, quilting/needlecraft, a cat barn, alpacas, llamas, goats, horses, rabbits.  You name it, it was there.  There were carnival rides too.  (I really wanted to ride the ferris wheel but I was thirsty and the line was long.  Maybe next year!) 

One of our favorite activities to do was participating in the people's choice awards.  We would head into a barn scope out a few of our favorites and discuss which was the best in our opinion.  Funnily enough we never agreed!  Above is my favorite from the Arts and Crafts barn drawn by a ten year old.  If only I could draw like that!

I had a tough time choosing my favorite quilt.  There were three that really caught my eye.  One was done with beautiful red work embroidery, another had amazing quilting that echos the roses in the fabric choices throughout.  But in the end I chose the quilt you see above.  (Sorry about the picture quality, hipstamatic app plus poor barn lighting does not a could picture make!)  The story is what sold me on this quilt.  It was hand pieced by a ninety-three year old woman .  This was the first quilt she had ever made!  Unfortunately she passed only a few weeks before the fair.  Her family had it professionally quilted for her.  The fabrics choices were lovely and looked so soft.  The careful hand pieced stitches shined with love.  I can imagine the hours and hours she must have spent hunched over this quilt dutifully stitching.  If only she could have seen the many people adoring it at the fair.

The dog arena was a fun sight to see.  4-H kids took their beloved dog through a series of discipline exercises while a judge looked on, scrutinizing every step.  It was so funny to me that often times the dog and owner resembled each other not only in looks but in temperament.  One young brunette girl was very aggressive with her brown pit bull who seem to have other plans then walking calming through the obstacles.   Another blond young lady was very timid with her golden retriever and the golden went along tentatively not quite sure what she was supposed to do.  My favorite was one young man a little heavy set, very quiet.  He had the cutest little dog who paid careful attention to every move his owner made.   We didn't stick around to see who won but I sure hope they did.  They were too cute!  (I had too much fun watching to remember to take any photos!) Next to the dog arena was a barn filled with old farm and logging equipment.  Above is a detail shot of an antique grain thresher. 

My favorite event of the fair was the 4-H horse riders.  There was barrel racing, a flag race, and a hilarious tandem riding event.  We sat and watched the horses for a couple of hours.  One girl had participated in nationals in barrel racing.  And wow that girl and her horse were fast flying around those barrels.  The horse riders reminded me much of my time I rode as a young girl in the Westernaires back in Colorado.  One day I will get some of my Westernaire photos scanned and posted for you to see.  I was a very cute cowgirl!

Thank you to Derek and Tati for taking me to the fair.  It was one of those pure bliss moments from start to finish.  The kind that you wish would last all day, every day.  It made me long for the days when fairs and entertainment of that kind were more prevalent.  I guess we must seek it out in little places where we can find it. 

What are your weekend plans?  Patrick and I are having a belated anniversary celebration.  Picnicking in the backyard!  I'm hoping to try out the Muscovado Sugar Cake recipe from Good to the Grain for dessert. 

I hope your weekend brings you moments of pure bliss and a little nostalgia!