Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Getting Lost in Seattle: Part three, Microsoft, Seattle Aquarium and SAM

During the plane ride Dallas had put together a list of all the things he really wanted to see and do while he was in Seattle.  Seeing where Uncle Patrick worked and the Seattle Aquarium were high up on his list.

Dallas had a great time playing on Microsoft Surface at the Microsoft Visitor Center! (Me too actually!)
Many of our friends and family are interested in seeing the Microsoft campus.  Once we had a person from Canada stop us to ask for directions as they were sightseeing.  Microsoft boasts a great visitor's center and company store.  The visitor's center offers a look back at the company's history and features some innovative products that Microsoft is developing.  Just released last Thursday is the Kinect, where you are the controller playing the video games.  Patrick and I got it on Thursday and tried it out, amazing technology and so much fun!  (Ok sorry I'm starting to sound like a Microsoft advertisement! Moving on...)

Dallas LOVES going to the aquarium, any aquarium.  So I knew he would love to see the Seattle Aquarium.  The Seattle Aquarium is located on Pier 59, right on Elliot Bay.  The aquarium showcases many of the sea life found in and around the Puget Sound region along with sea otters, river otters, and sea lions.

Dallas especially loved the Underwater Dome.  He could have sat there staring and photographing all those lovely fish for hours. 

Both of us were a little scared of the touch pools.  But we got brave and were able to touch some pretty neat sea cucumbers, sea stars and other cool things.

He was one of my favorites!  Just chilling out enjoying the Seattle drizzle.

After a visit through the Seattle Aquarium's gift shop we headed up for a quick peek at the Pikes Place Market to see the flying fish and

making sure that coin went in the giant piggy bank!

a visit to Rachel the pig.  The market can be a crazy place to take small kids or (wandering adults for that matter) during peak hours.  To avoid crowds I recommend going to the market first thing in the morning, during the middle of the work week, and/or last thing in the evening if you don't mind not having to much time there.

Apologies for the poor picture quality.
Next we trotted through the rain to see the Hammering Man which stands stoically in front of the Seattle Art Museum.  Dallas and his brothers know all about the Hammering Man from Larry Gets Lost in Seattle.  My sister told me that on Labor Day morning they all ran into her bedroom excitedly announcing that the Hammering Man was not hammering in Seattle today.  Labor Day is the only day of the year that the Hammering Man does not hammer away.

We had originally planned to take the Monorail over to the Space Needle but when we popped out of Pikes Place Market the rain was pretty heavy and the skies were a thick grey.  (Not the best weather for viewing from atop the Space Needle.)  Thankfully Dallas had another suggestion.  We headed into the Seattle Art Museum for a tour of the galleries.  I could tell it wasn't all that interesting to a seven year old but he did like a few of the pieces.  Like this one above titled Some/One by Do-Ho Suh

He's favorite part of the museum had to be the kid's play area that was tucked at the top of this grand staircase.  You actually don't have to pay to get into the museum to access this area!

It was so fun to watch him create this piece.  Dallas marched right up to the easel with three big markers in his two small hands and went to town.  I love that he titled and signed the piece, totally without prompting!  He gave the picture to me and I'd love to figure out a way to have it framed so it could hang somewhere prominently in our home. 

After the some drawing Dallas became a sculptor.  Creating a masterpiece with giant building blocks which he titled Sky City.  There are some interesting things going on within this wood sculpture including lots of balancing acts.  Again it was a joy to watch his mind work and create!

We headed home after another long and wonderful day getting lost in Seattle!

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