Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Embroidery Companion Sew Along Month One: Days of the Week Dishtowels!

The first project for our sew along will be the Days of the Week Dishtowels.  (I am currently visiting family in Colorado and neglected to bring my book with me to snap a picture of this beautiful project from the book.)  These dishtowels seem to be a great introductory project to embroidery as the only stitch required is a simple backstitch, a must in every embroiderers' bag of tricks.  It also will be great practice for transferring designs to fabric since they are seven dishtowels to make.  I must admit I am a little hesitant about transferring designs as I've only ever used iron-on transfers before.  But I did recently get the pen Alicia recommended, the Micron marker, and am hoping to get a light box soon to help with this endeavor. I know we can do it together!

Another great thing about the Days of the Week Dishtowels is that if sewing is daunting for you, or perhaps you don't have a sewing machine at home, there are many simple dishtowel sets out there that could use a little handmade touch. Alicia also has a great free tutorial for a similar set of dishtowels on her blog if you haven't been able to procure a copy of Embroidery Companion yet.

And finally the dishtowels seem to me to be a great way to set two little New Year’s Resolutions for myself, one of creating happy stitches all year long and to create a more organized way of keeping house. (Something I can always use help with!)

A few other notes and details:

  • If you haven't signed up on the flickr group yet make sure to do so.
  • My husband and I are still working on the badge for you to use on your own blogs. In the meantime feel free to copy and paste the image above and link back to any sew along post.
  • I'll check in with you all mid-January to see how progress is coming on your dishtowel set. At that time I'll give you further details to if and how a giveaway might occur for those who participate this month.  
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: This sew along is meant to be a fun way to encourage each other and keep one another motivated to complete Alicia's beautiful designs. If you can't join us this month, no worries we'll be here again the next month. Join in when you can!

Happy Stitching!!!