Sunday, December 5, 2010

List Twenty Two: Things I forget

  1. Walk downstairs only to turn around blankly starring wondering why I went down there in the first place.
  2. One random item on my list at the grocery store, usually deodorant or toothpaste.
  3. Birthdays in time to send that birthday card or present in the mail.  I'll think of the birthday two or three weeks before but then it seems to early to send something and I'm sure I'll remember once it comes around to it.
  4. Changing over all the calendars in my house.  Come to think of it the one in my bedroom is still on November.
  5. Eating.  Occasionally if I'm really stressed about something going on I'll forget to stop and eat which of course only makes the forgetting more prevalent not to mention making me cranky with a headache.  So overall not good.
  6. To do these lists each week.
  7. Make my bed.  I hate crawling into an unmade bed at night so sometimes my bed is only made up for few seconds before I crawl into it.
  8. To take pictures during a party.  We had a joint surprise birthday party last night for my husband and a close friend and not one single picture was taken. :(
  9. All the things I meant to put on this list in the first place when I was thinking of it last night!
Do you ever find yourself forgetting things?

One thing I did not forget was to tell you all how amazed I am in the interest in the Embroidery Companion Sew Along.  Thank you to Alicia for mentioning it on her blog.  I'm excited to begin stitching with you all in the coming year ahead!