Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That Darn Padded Satin Stitch

That darn padded satin stitch kept taunting me saying,  "You can't make me look nearly as pretty as Alicia Paulson's beauties from the book.  You don't even know how to make a padded stitch.  You're going to ruin the pillowcases.  The iron on transfer is not going to come off now so what do you think you're going to do?"

After consulting the illustration and instructions in the back of Embroidery Companion three or four times along with the fabulous The Embroiderer's Handbook a few more.  I finally worked up the courage to...
 put pencil to paper.  Yes I first carefully drew the stitches onto the enlarged copy of template.  Practicing where I would carefully place each stitch.  Then I looked back at both books again and finally said, "Screw it!  I've never made a padded satin stitch before.  How can I expect it to look perfect?  This is just for fun and it looks like I have to do a LOT of padded satin stitches on this design so I'll be a pro by the end of it."  Carefully threaded the needle and took the first stitch.   

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hears stitches talking to me!

A copy of The Embroiderer's Handbook will be February's giveaway for being brave, staring down those darn padded satin stitches and completing those beautiful pillowcases.  Same rules as last time.  I'll fill you in on the deadline for entering the giveaway as we get closer to it.  I'll be back again this week to let you know March's project.

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