Monday, March 28, 2011

Curtain Call

April's project for the Embroidery Companion Sew Along is....

drum roll please...


In case you couldn't tell from the title of the post!  The curtains won the poll by a nose although only three voted but the curtains have it either way.

Here are some options for you this month.  One is cross stitch and one is decorative embroidery for which ever mood you're feeling.

Option One: Karin Curtains

A lovely cross stitch pattern done as a ode to Karin Larsson wife of Carl Larsson.  This is the set that I'll be making for sure.  They're to be hung in our studio once completed.  I thinking I'll try and work on the two panels at once instead of finishing one entirely before starting the other.  This way hopefully both panels will be completed instead of one sad little panel without a companion.  Over on the flickr group I'll try and post in progress photos and give people rough weekly goals to help get them completed.

Option Two: Dot and Daisy Curtains

A quick, simple lazy daisy stitch done over dot pattern fabric.  I tempted to make these just because it has Daisy's name in the title but I fear I'll have my hands full with the Karin Curtains.  They'd hang either downstairs in the laundry room or maybe in the kitchen so more could see and enjoy them.

Not to worry we will come back and do the pillows here real soon.

Happy Stitching!!!