Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Creative Space and a Question

Sitting on the couch, working on my cross stitchDaisy's not the one cross stitching mind you, she doesn't have aposable thumbs!  But she snuck into my spot when I went to grab my camera. 

I am really loving doing some cross stitch again.  The colors of the embroidery floss for the flower sections have lifted my spirits and made me think of spring.  I actually think the act of me stitching those colors brought the sunshine out for a beautiful day today.  It's gorgeous.  I would be cross stitching on a blanket out in the back yard but we haven't put up a fence yet and I don't have the heart to tether Daisy up.  I mean how could you?  Look at that sweet face!

Okay so originally I was thinking that next month we'd do the Dahila Field Pillow for our monthly Embroidery Companion Sew Along project. (The Berry Border Pillow being an alternate choice. I wasn't interested in doing this one as much but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want to do it!)

But now after getting back into the cross stitch again I aching to start the Karin Curtains.  (The Dot and Daisy Curtains being the alternate choice here.)  

Either way we'll get to both projects at some point.  But what are you ichin' to do right now?  

I'll let you know on Monday March 28th what the concensus is.

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