Monday, May 23, 2011

this weekend

  • I dominated the dominoes table at our regular monthly ladies domino game night.
  • Rediscovered the joys of baking with whole grains with "Lemon Barley Scones" made on Saturday and "Rhubarb Tarts" enjoyed on Sunday both recipes from the wonderful Good to the Grain .
  • Spent most of Saturday cuddled up on the couch with an adorable Cavalier and a good book
  • Purchased some much needed travel gear for our upcoming England/Scotland trip.
  • Plus a couple new things to wear on the trip.
  • Spent an half hour at my favorite fabric store picking out pretty calicos.
  • Finished the third of six embroidered squares for the Country Time QuiltCrossing my fingers extra hard that I can somehow miraculously pull off finishing this project by month's end.
  • Watched all three of the Masterpiece Mystery! Sherlock episodes on Netflix.
  • In all of the goodness in my weekend I must confess I was also doing a bit of an avoidance dance of some emotional work that needs to be done.  Here's to staring fear in the face and trudging on!