Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wanna go for a walk?

Those are magic words to a little Cavalier's ears.  Once said there is a five second delay while Daisy processes what those five magic words mean and then she bounces on your head like Tigger.  Soon you are covered in a mass of puppy kisses.  She is practically chomping at your heals to get out the door.  Wanna join us for our walk?

Where a bear will wave a little hello.

Wild roses are in bloom.

Blackberries are starting to grow.

There are old familiar smells.

Adventures that lie ahead.

Pink roses stand tall.

At the park you can take a little break in the grass.

And watch the kids swing and slide.

Enjoy the neighbors pretty gardens.

Back at home fresh blueberries wait.

I think she thought some rabbits or crows might stop by for a visit.
Tiny red strawberries can make an excellent snack.

Pink Azaleas bask in the sunlight after all the cloudy days of late.

And one little yellow quince waits for fall.  (But let's not rush into that just yet.)

Thanks for walking with us!