Friday, September 7, 2012

Views from Denali Lodge


One evening Patrick and I went for a brief stroll around the property of Denali Lodge and captured some beautiful sunset views.

A public service announcement:

Last weekend I made this from ground cherries (husk cherries) that I found at our local farmers market.  If you can find yourself some of these heavenly little orbs at your farmers market or natural grocer I highly recommend making some for yourself.

Plus a little wish list:

for travel (in navy)
to adorn my neck
for creating a still life (its hard too choose a favorite in this shop)
embroidery to ornament
for inspiration in lettering
to snuggle into and feel beauttiful
help for filling up these white walls around my house with this
to throw on the floor for a slumber party
for a little greenery little pots and plants like this
to scent our home
to sip a sample
for those weekend breakfasts for two