Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flowered Life

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My life is filled with so many flowers these days.  I love it!  Little wild flowers along the trail, some of which I can name this year.  Potted flower garden is growing on my deck.  Flowers in magazines, in books, on my table, made up in cross stitch.  Flowers, flowers, flowers!!!

Midsummer Sprigs found its way back into my hand. I started it last year on our trip to Alaska but set it aside during the dark winter months.  It was too hard with that black background in the dim gray light.  One more motif, some lettering, and then off to the framers. 

Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart is such an intriguing look at the cut flower industry.  It makes me grateful to have a place like the Seattle Wholesalers Growers Market close by.  I love how she divided the book into three parts: breeding, growing, selling.  Each little section is filled with information told in delightful narrative that makes it fun to read.  I like books like this.  So many flower books are piling up beside waiting to be read next.

The Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll by Richard Bisgrove.  Oh Gertrude I am falling in love with your work.  This book has beautiful illustrations of gardens designed by Ms. Jekyll alongside beautiful photography and words that allow one to get a full picture of these gardens.  I am plotting and scheming for my garden to be already.  This fall ( oh please, this fall) will see my garden being remade.

My own little flower, Daisy.  The sweetest flower of all!

Thank you, thank you for all these flowers.