Friday, September 4, 2009

Creating my sewing space

This last week I've been dreaming up ideas for my sewing space. Currently the dining room table is pulling double duty and probably will be for awhile. This arrangement is discouraging my creative sewing juices because it means that I have to lug my sewing machine out of the guest room, gather and arrange all of my sewing supplies, and make sure the table is clean. Twenty plus minutes of hassle and grunting before I can even begin a small, simple sewing project. Not only that but then it all needs to be cleaned up and put away so that we can have dinner or guests over. Another twenty plus minutes, making for a good forty minutes of no sewing only moving stuff around. As Liz and I used to say while cleaning our apartment, "moving the crap." Being a beginning sewer this forty minutes of "moving the crap" constitutes for about as much time as I actually spend sewing. I never realized how much focus and present-minded attention is needed to actually sew and I get tired out easily. (Probably mostly from lugging everything around!) I am looking forward to the day when I can set up this area of our guest bedroom

to look something more like...

This is from Weekend Sewing, a very inspiring book! You'll notice all the pink tabs at the top where I've marked future projects I'd like to try out. Some of them are going to have to wait though until I can one, finish Christmas gifts, and two have a better sewing space!

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  1. How fun that you are getting in to sewing! I can't wait to see what your sewing space turns out looking like! I'm so excited to be your first follower! I absolutely love reading your blog! I miss you! lol.


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