Sunday, September 6, 2009


A few things I'm a grateful for this week:

1. A silly ladies lunch with some shopping. My girlfriend doesn't normally wear these crazy sunglasses we just though they were a riot especially with a paired with a plaid scarf.

2. My Nia dance class where I got to wear this little lovely as my dance clothes! Sometimes my dance class has a way of being a form of therapy for me as well as some good exercise. This was one of those good classes.

3. Going shopping for new sewing supplies with my adorable husband. It takes a special guy who will go browsing around a craft store with you. Thank you to those you gave me graduation money so we could afford all these goodies!

4. These chickens. It meant I was hanging out with good friends for a few days at their new place on Whidbey Island.

5. Green Napkins. I sewed them myself! My first sewing project was not all together perfect as you can see from the back stitching on the hem but they serve their purpose. They made for a great housewarming gift for our friends. I know they will be much loved and appreciated!