Monday, December 6, 2010

Saint Nicholas

Image via Nest Full of Eggs
I love this beautiful celebration of Saint Nicholas featured on Nest Full of EggsThis site also has some wonderful information about Saint Nicholas and this special holiday if, like me, you just thought Saint Nicholas was another name for Santa Claus. 

My husband and I seem to split our Christmas festivities between are two families and rarely have a quiet celebration for ourselves.  Saint Nicholas Day might be a way we could celebrate just the two of us! 

PS.  Aren't those wooden shoes beautiful!


  1. Oh how lovely! It sounds like the Sinterklaas celebrations in the Netherlands and other European countries. I think that's brilliant - using it as the day you and your loved one can celebrate all to yourselves :)

  2. thanks for featuring my Saint Nicholas day photo, our wooden clogs are old & special :)

  3. That's a cool idea and that way you would have to decorate your home! :-) I love the clogs! You know in France we don't do stockings we ask children to put their shoes out by the tree or fireplace. So the idea is similar.


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