Monday, July 20, 2009

A waterfall of thoughts.

I feel like I'm still getting into the groove of this whole blog thing. It is a strange world, this blogging world. To put your inner most thoughts, deepest desires, private wishes out in the public arena of vast space. Odd. What does one hope to accomplish by doing this? Is it vain to think that others care what I, Annette, have to say about the world that surrounds me? I try and comfort myself in the fact that I'm really "blogging" to have an opportunity, an excuse, to write more. An excuse to feel more creative in my life and above all to hold myself accountable to something other than myself. All this is being shared to say that I am heading back to Colorado for a couple of weeks and may or may not have an opportunity to check in to this place. Of the few readers I have, probably mostly close friends and family at this point, I say adieu for the moment. Ta ta for now and I'll see you real soon.