Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Starting a new project!

Using my new rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler was a bit nerve racking I must admit. Never seeing anyone use a rotary cutter or squaring up material before I found the rotary cutter tutorial on purl bee to be very helpful! Trying new things without having a person to demonstrate them to me in person first can be a cause of great stress sometimes. I attempted earlier this afternoon to cut the pieces but right before I put the rotary cutter to the fabric I felt light headed and dizzy. It's surprising how much stress a silly little thing like cutting fabric can create.

Fortunately Patrick was gracious enough to sit at the table with me this evening and provide moral support while I cut! The simple fact of having someone beside me, and my most special someone even, made cutting fabric achievable. Okay, okay I didn't cure cancer, nor was my cutting fabric a matter of life and death but accomplishing it was a big deal for me!

So what is this great fabric for? Well I'm making a couple of lunch bags for Patrick and I. He has started taking his lunch to work more regularly and I'm headed back to volunteer in the lunch buddy program at a local elementary school in a few weeks. New lunch bags are needed!