Friday, September 24, 2010

I heart Vera Bradley

The Vera Bradley winter catalog arrived in the post yesterday and I had a smile from ear to ear while looking through it's pages.  Now I realize that Vera Bradley bags may have become a little cliche to some and certainly I realize I could make similar bags of my own design.  But why when these are so beautiful! 

The first thing I love about this catalog are the shooting locations.  How lucky are these girls to be standing in a canoe looking out at the mountains, riding in the back of a vintage pick up through the valley, or dancing in a field.

That smile... that's the same one I had!
Vera's new bag designs are beautiful.  My favorites are the Versailles, (pictured above), twirly birds navy (the girl in the canoe), and buttercup (not pictured here but imagine a brown background with big pink and yellow flowers.)   Oh, Patrick I think I might have to get myself into trouble.  Seeing as I already own a few of Vera's lovely bags... a few in Calypso and the On the Go handbag in Sittin' in a Tree.  A girl can't own too many bags right? :)

Do you think a carriage ride comes with a purchase?  Oh I hope so!