Wednesday, September 8, 2010

an island camp out

Over the long Labor Day weekend we went to the island to our friend's home and had an old fashion camp out.  They share a few aches with another couple that they have slowly been turning into a farm.  We threw out our tents around their dug out fire pit and enjoyed the slow life.

We cooked most of our meals over the camp fire.  (A few of us did cheat from time to time using the kitchen but we tried!)  For dinner it was pork chops, corn on the cob, and grilled zucchini.  Potatoes, bacon and dairy free/gluten free strawberry pancakes were on order for breakfast. 

The strawberries were picked from the farm as well as the garden salad we had for lunch.  Everyone shared in the duties of prepping the meals and enjoying in the deliciousness of it all. 

There were walks through the property with

beautiful flowers and many busy bees at work.

One in the group brought this great portable phonograph and we listened to old 78's!  The ducks, turkeys, and chickens clucking along in the back.  (Can you make out the duck pond/swimming pool back there?)  Patrick and I have a sore spot for old record players.  Now we are wanting one of these for ourselves!

After stuffing ourselves with all matters of deliciousness we ventured out of our camp and to the beach.

There was a half mile hike through the woods to get down to the beach with greenery, peeks of the Sound and a set of steep stairs that made you feel like you were going to walk right out into the water. 

We arrived close to high tide and had to move our blanket back once or twice.  The lovely Tati built us a little levy as protection!

A few of us dared to dip our toes in the cold Pacific Northwest water.  I on the other hand stuck close to the blanket.  I don't really care for the sand between my toes feeling.  Maybe it's because I am a mountain girl at heart.  But I'll admit the views from the beach are gorgeous to behold.

Of which no picture can do justice, especially not the hipstamatic app of an iPhone.  (Unfortunately we left our good camera at home.)

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our little island camp out.  We had a great time and look forward to more camping with the crew next summer. 

Come around tomorrow and I'll have a little giveaway for my 100th post!