Saturday, September 4, 2010

List Eleven: Blog posts that have inspired me this week

This pink and orange curtain brightened my visit to the doctor this week.

1. This wonderful video of an incredible love story. (found via Cup of Jo)

2. A quilt using one of my favorite color pallets - BLUE!

3. Alicia's lake adventure.

4. What a fun little camera strap.

5. These zippered cases look perfect for back to school. (found via Twig and Thistle)

6. These secret storage books are so clever and may come in handy in the office/sewing studio redo I'm planning.

7. These two posts reminded me of how much I miss my Art History class. 

8.  The sad ending of August Break.  Seen here, here, here, and here.  I didn't get to participate in it as much as I would have liked but I connected with a few really interesting and inspiring people. Thank you to everyone who commented on my photos.  It lifted my spirits!  Thank you Susannah!  Looking forward to next year and will definitely be doing a little ABC as well.

9.  Don't you wish you could be at this party?

10.  Double chocolate chip pumpkin muffins... Gotta try that!

11.  A lovely bedroom.

12.  Beautiful embroidery.

13.  This reminded me I need to get on and make this lovely blouse already!

What inspired you in the blog-o-sphere this week?

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend!