Friday, January 14, 2011

A new stitcher in our sew along!

How are your Days of the Week Dishtowels coming along? I have to admit I stalled for about a week or so on actually transferring the patterns to the dishtowels. Something about that permanent marker and transferring the lines accurately frightened me. But then I buckled down, taped the towel to the window and didn't look back.  Seriously I thought I would have hesitated just a bit when pen came to towel but nope I went full force.  They turned out wonderfully.  I felt proud of myself for climbing that little hill, silly as it may seem. 

Transferring the patterns was done in our front living room so this window faces out onto our street.  It's not a busy street by any means but I did see a few starring eyes. They're probably wondering why I had pieces of paper and towels tapped to my window.  Me too actually... must get light box!  Winter light in Washington is not the best to transfer patterns by as Alicia so exquisitely described today in her post. (PS. Don't you love, love, LOVE that little red sweater!)

Now I'm working on stitching the towel.  Miss Daisy cuddles up in my lap keeping me nice and toasty while I stitch.  Finishing is something I still working on, anyone have any tips on leaving clean little knots?  Alicia suggests running the end of thread back under the last few stitches.  Will that really hold up threw several washes these towels are sure to see?

FYI - I found this great explanation on Threadneedle Street's website on beginning the thread with a loop. You can find it under their "Helpful Hints."  For those of you in the Seattle area this is a great little shop full of all things embroidery and cross stitch.  They do mail order as well!

And by the way I know I don't say this enough but thank you for all your kind comments, it's so fun to hear from you!

Updated:  I forgot to mention about the giveaway this month.  One participant chosen at random will receive a little special handmade item from me.  To be entered into the giveaway place a comment in the original post announcing this month's pattern with a direct link to your blog post or flickr page showing your beautifully completed project.  If you do not post a link you will not be entered in the giveaway.  Happy Stitching!!!

Enjoy the weekend!