Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Beginning today I am starting a fun weekly show and tell of sorts.  Tuesdays will be treasure day here on A Simple Breath.  Every Tuesday a photo and perhaps a short accompanying story will be posted featuring a lovely little treasure that has made it's way into my life.  Tuesday's Treasures will be a small, little reflection of simple joys.  Feel free to join along with me each Tuesday by including your link below!

This is my great-grandmother, Florence's work basket.  I never had a chance to meet my great-grandmother as she passed away six months before I was born.  This work basket was the one that was with her in her final years.  I imagine her sitting there in the evening, listening to music or a program on television, quietly stitching or doing handwork of one kind or another.  This basket has many stories to share I'm sure!

My grandma inherited this work basket after her mother passed. This basket set untouched beside a recliner in my grandma's front room for the past thirty years.  I am embarrassed to say I had never even noticed it before.  And believe me when I say my grandma's was like a second home to me, it still is.  So it seems crazy to me that I never even noticed it before.  It hid in plain sight, I guess.

This Christmas my grandma gifted this lovely work basket to me and all that it contained.  How special I feel to be able to hold the things she held.  To see what little things she kept her hands busy with each quiet evening. 

Even though I never met my great-grandma she is very much part of me.  She crosses through my thoughts nearly every day.  Florence knew my mom was pregnant and was so very excited to meet me.  Her middle name became my middle name.  She left me with another gift as well...

Ok, so it's hard to tell from this poor iPhone picture but just imagine that you're seeing splotches of red on the back of my neck there.  A birthmark that I was always told was given to me by my great-grandma.  They are kisses she gave me as we passed each other in heaven.  A very sweet thought!

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Sidebar:  For those of you doing the Embroidery Companion Sew Along stayed tuned later in the week for the announcement of February's project.