Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get out your wasted canvas ladies! --- EC Sew Along Month Three

The month of March is all about wasted canvas and those beautiful X's for the Embroidery Companion Sew Along.  Again you have a choice of a few different projects with various levels of extra finishing sewing required.  I certainly hope you'll join us.

First Option:  Blossom Napkins - minimal extra sewing required.  Quick, simple, beautiful!  I might make a couple more of these to add to my collection.  This time I might change up the colors of the blossom!

Second Option:  Meadowflower Tote - a medium amount of finishing sewing.  This is the one I'm going to be doing for sure.  It's begging to become a "project" tote for my latest crochet, knitting, or embroidery project.  Hopefully I can find a lovely calico like Alicia used here.  My favorite parts are the lace paired with the leather.  A fun little combo I think.  And make sure to read the intro into this project it just makes me giggle.

Third Option:  Monogram Album - a high amount of finishing sewing just to make sure the cover is snug around that album.  If you didn't want to do the album this little monogram would look lovely on a number of different items.  A hand towel perhaps?


For February's Giveaway:

I'll be giving away a copy of The Embroiderer's Handbook to one randomly chosen winner.  Leave a comment on the month two announcement posting with a link to your completed pillowcases.  If you completed both sets of pillowcases this month then you may have one entry per set equalling two entries into this month's giveaway.  A winner will be determined on Saturday March 5th.

Happy Stitching!