Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Meadowflower Tote

Introducing the March Meadowflower Tote!  The cross stitch was so fun and relaxing to do.  The tote itself came together in just a hour or two.  As you can see it's actually not quite a tote yet as it's missing some handles.  I'm on the hunt for the elusive 1/4" leather lacing.  Next to try is Michael's then a leather store downtown.  If both those fail to produce the leather lacing I have another trick up my sleeve.

I was out taking Daisy for a walk this afternoon, grumbling to myself that I had made this beautiful tote and couldn't carry anywhere.  Suddenly inspiration struck the leather leash in my hand seemed close to 1/4" wide!

Once at home I pulled out my trusty ruler and checked.  Sure enough a smidge over a 1/4 inch.  Don't worry Daisy I won't cut into your leather leash.  I'll go buy a duplicate to chop up but hopefully it won't resort to that as those leashes are expensive.    

Looking forward to checking into the flickr group to see your waste canvas cross stitch projects!